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21 November in Venice madonna della Salute The Feast of Our Lady of Health
The Feast of Our Lady of Health or, as the Venetians call it, "Health" is one of the most religious festivals perceived by the population. It is a votive pilgrimage at the Basilica of Our Lady of Health located on the Punta della Dogana in front of Piazza San Marco, which takes place every year on November 21.
The Feast of Our Lady of Health 2011 is an opportunity for the Venetians to be grateful today for the grace received. The Grand Canal was built by the Venetians a Votive Bridge crossing to go to church and light a candle to the Black Madonna. Many stalls selling candles and candles for all tastes and sizes. With the spark plug the devotee queues to turn the foot of the Madonna in the Basilica. Usually, however, are so many candles do not find it in the appropriate space lies, and are delivered to one of the many altar boys serving for the day with the promise that will be lit later.

Our Lady of Health is also a feast for the children who wander among the stalls of sweets, nougat, pancakes with the inevitable balloons. It 'a tradition deeply felt by the Venetians who come in droves to the area.
Around 1650 Italy was hit by one of the most serious epidemics of plague in living memory. In a short time, despite the measures taken by the authorities of Venice, the population was exterminated. Any attempt to stem the drug epidemic proved futile and the population took refuge in religion by organizing a procession which brought together almost all of the survivors, who eventually joined the government pronounced a solemn vow to the effect that if the city had escaped the plague would build a Basilica in thanksgiving to Our Lady.
The following week, the epidemic stopped and in a few months he was completely eliminated. At that point, in respect of the vote, it was decided a public competition to host the projects of the temple that was supposed to be the biggest and most majestic. Longhena won with his design of a Baroque Basilica remains even now a specimen studied by all architects in the world.
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